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4ever Gospel Radio

A 24 hour, 7 days a week Internet Radio Station where you can enjoy great gospel music

Show Schedule

Follow our schedule and plan your listening times accordingly. With broadcasting at all hours of the day and every day throughout the year, there’s tons of music to keep you tuned in.

Sunday - Ignite The Gospel

Christine Barnes

11 am PST – 1 pm CST – 2 pm EST

Sunday - Ambassador & Doc Music Hour

Ambassador James Lockhart & Dr. Bradford Howard, Jr.  

12 pm PST – 2 pm CST-3 pm EST

Monday - Simply Inspiring Show

Terry & Nekita McGee 

11 am PST- 1 pm CST -2 pm EST

Tuesday - The Mix

Lady Voncile Belcher
4 pm PST- 6 pm CST-7 pm EST

Wednesday - The Gospel eXpress Show

Nina Taylor

1 pm CST / 2 pm EST/ 11 am PST

Wednesday - Bread of Life

Janice Peterson Townsend

4 PST-6 pm CST-7 pm EST

Thursday - Caribbean & Urban American Gospel Hits

Landlord & Mike D.
4pm PST – 6 pm CST- 7 pm EST

Thursday - Ordered Steps

Barbara Johnson Tucker
4:30 pm PST- 6:30 CST- 7:30 EST

Friday - The Lion’s Den

“Leo the Lion”
5 pm PST- 7 pm CST- 8 pm EST

Saturday - Realizing My Best Life

Janice Peterson Townsend

10 am CST/ 11 am EST

Saturday - Give God The Glory Broadcast

Drs. Gerald & Carol Ervin
1 pm PST- 3 pm CST- 4 pm EST

Saturday - The Gospel Countdown

Nina Taylor & Ernest Richard, Jr.

7 pm CST/ 8 pm EST/ 5 pm CST

Sunday Through Thursday
Worship Music

4ever Gospel Radio

8pm- 11 pm CST  / 9 pm – 12 am EST

Our Station

We would like to welcome you to 4ever Gospel Radio, a 24 hour, 7 days a week Internet Radio Station where you can enjoy great gospel music.

Our mission is to touch people all over the nation through the Power of Music and the Word of God. We offer music that soothes and refreshes the soul as well as a platform for Independent Artists to showcase their music across the country. We are also blessed to have an amazing group of shows and programs.

Stay Tuned With Updates